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Motorization Made Easy


Motorizing your window coverings may seem complicated, but we make it easy. It does add to the cost, but for very large windows, a high quantity, or hard to reach windows, motorization is the way to go.


The most common product we motorize are roller shades. See photos for these, in the product galleries. The motors are strong, reliable, and totally hidden from view.The ultimate installation is where we get involved early during construction, or a major remodel, and install the shades above the ceiling!


Technology for automating your window coverings has come a long way in the last few years. Most systems we install are wireless controlled, with a remote control or wireless wall switches. Lately, re-chargeable battery operated motors have come onto the market. These are strong, proven reliable, and totally eliminate the need for an electrician. This greatly simplifies the installation and reduces cost.


Other window coverings which can be motorized are: roman shades, blinds, natural woven shades & drapes (Averte), fabric draperies, and skylight shades.


Please call if you have any questions regarding motorization. We are happy to educate you on the choices and options available. We will also provide a free design consultation at your home or business.


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