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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does my order take to arrive?

Most custom window coverings take about three weeks to arrive on Maui. Smaller orders may ship by air, and can arrive in two weeks. Generally, manufacturing time is 7 to 10 business days, and then your order ships by surface, which takes another 10 days. Most factories do offer a rush service for an additional charge.


Shutters take longer to manufacture. Vinyl and composite shutters usually arrive in 4 to 5 weeks from the order date. They are always shipped by surface, unless otherwise specified. Stained wood shutters take 7 to 10 weeks to manufacture. Then add the 10 day surface shipping time to that. Painted shutters can be a week or two quicker.


The staining and painting process for high quality wood shutters takes time, and cannot be rushed!


When can you install my order?

When your order arrives, we will immediately call to schedule the installation. Usually we can get your window coverings installed as soon as you are ready.


Which window coverings can be motorized?

Roller shades (the most often), roman shades, horizontal and vertical blinds, woven wood draperies (Averte), fabric draperies, skylight shades, and angled shades.


Roman shades (or folding shades) can be made in the traditional fabric style, made with the vast selection of woven wood and grass cloth materials (like the photo above), or even in solar screen fabrics. Motorization for these products work just like a roller shade, lifting the roman shade cords to a top set limit.


Automation for horizontal and vertical blinds, offer a tilt function only. There is no lifting, or drawing across of the product, due to it's weight.


Woven wood and traditional fabric draperies are motorized with the Makita drapery track system. This draws the material across the window or door with the push of a button.


Motorized skylight or angled shades shades are often seen in commercial applications. These systems use side tracks, guide wires, or dual motor-tensioned fabric designs, to draw the fabric across the opening.








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